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Jan 23, 2013 6:00am PST
include seven japanese, six filipinos and one malaysian. >>> julia gillard has called for easing of friction in the region. she made the appeal in what called the first national strategy. gilliard said the region seems increasingly unsetted by political rivalries and territorial disputes. >> australia has a key role to play in building patents of cooperation and trust in the asia pacific and in the wider world. >> gillard said the emergence of strong, new economies is altering the balance of power in the region. she urged the united states and china to avoid any miscalculations over potential hotspots, referring to territorial disputes in the south china and east china seas. >> we remain optimistic about china around the united states to manage change in the region but it brings with it strategic competition as china's global interests expand. >> gillard called for the peaceful resolution of disagreements through dialogue using forums such as the east asia summit. she said australia would work closely other countries to help solve problems through diplomacy. >>> afghan security forc
Jan 6, 2013 11:00pm PST
bushfires as the heat wave continues. prime minister gillard has warned of catastrophic conditions. she has visited communities in tasmania. australian media says most of the hundred people have been accounted for. no deaths or serious injuries have been reported so far. andrew thomas has just found this of date from tasmania. -- this update from tasmania. >> they have moved on from relatively populated areas, so at the moment there are no people at risk. police are taking advantage of the relatively cooler temperatures to go house to house to check that no one has been harmed. so far they have not found any evidence of that. the concern is that high extreme temperatures are heading further northward in particular to new south wales. sydney is expected to reach 44 degrees on tuesday, and if fires break out, we could see potential danger to people. julia gillard is meeting with evacuees. here is what she has to say. >> i have come to tasmania for one purpose, and that is to say to the people of tasmania the nation is standing with them at this difficult time. we will be standing with them in
Jan 7, 2013 6:00am PST
thousands of people have been stranded. prime minister julia gillard saw the devastation firsthand when she visited a township. she met with the people in charge of fighting the fire. she said the government would be there to help those who need it. >>> came to tasmania to say that the nation is standing with them at this very, very difficult time. we'll be standing with them in every way. >> reporter: australia is vulnerable to wildfires, especially at this time of year. fires in 2009 killed 173 people and hurt more than 400 others. gillard called on all australians to be careful. the temperature in sydney is estimated to rise on tuesday to 43 degrees. >> we know that new south wales is about to move into an extreme heat period, indeed in parts of new south wales fire risk levels could be moved to catastrophic. >> reporter: authorities issued their own warnings. they say there's a possibility of spreading wildfires in the days to come. >>> nato members are rolling out more military hardware to deal with any possible fallout from the conflict in syria. turkey is boostininin defense
Jan 30, 2013 5:30am PST
, but of -- enables ing.o be ione not of campaign >> julia gillard has been a precarious -- has been the head of a precarious government. the center-right party currently in opposition calls for government's -- her governments s carver -- her government's carbon tax -- commodity prices have dipped. australia's economy has cooled. the opposition party says the government has lost control of australia's borders in the face of tens of thousands of asylum seekers. they will claim the government has mishandled relations with important neighbors. as of -- the suspension of live cattle exports to indonesia are thought to have caused offense. election is also likely to be personal in tone. late last year in a speech that went viral, the prime minister accused the opposition leader of sexism and misogyny, saying he treated her without respect because she was a woman. a few months ago, polls showed the labor government was deeply unpopular -- labour government was deeply unpopular. while the date is now known, the outcome is far from certain. >> the united eights is planning to expand its dron
Jan 30, 2013 4:00am EST
enable it to be one not of favevered campaigning. >> interesting timing. gillard is behind now and opposition could easily win. office. -- win office. management of the economy likely to be a key issue. many commentators talking about an end to the mining boom. and the strong australian dollar that the p.m. has tried to distance herself from, saying it's a global issue and beyond government control. putting more pressure on the bank of australia to do more. the central bank board meeting next week. no real reaction to the news on the markets. pew. >>> here we are in the european stock markets. it's 5-5 advances versus declines. show you the dow, not far away from 14,000. that's going to be the focus of equity players around the globe. we'll put the prices up. put the prices up. thank you very much. ftse up four. the xetera dax down a point, ibex up seven. cac up three points. and we have the auctions later today. support of the btb sale. moving to bond markets. moving on -- we have gremlins. right. the italian yields, 4.18%. ten-year spanish, 10.18%. and the german auction, as well
Jan 4, 2013 10:30pm EST
sake of argument, i do not know they export relevant equipment addition not export. due in the gillard -- there would be a large argument for no particular benefit. i do not think other u.k. countries regularly adopt this position. would bet think that a very productive use of our time. >> does the department have any figures for the number of u.k. exports being restricted by this decision? >> there were 37 standard that is -- standard licenses revoked which covered components, but their aircraft, the naval vessels, software from military to medications, equipment. the amounts were very small. less than 2 million pounds in the last year. other ministers regularly agreed. given the change and the position adopted in the 1990's not to have any exports, that was not out of date. that the amounts involved were very small. >> the defense minister almost immediately following, those given circumstances were in that war, british ships were sunk with french missiles. i find extraordinary the bridge government is not willing we do the british government is not willing to try and persuade other
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6